Sunday, March 13, 2016

Imperian Navy to Double Patrols Along Triellus Trade Route in Spinward Slice

Spinward sectors of the Outer Rim within the Slice.

LANTILLIES SYSTEM - The 12th Sector Command will be doubling patrols along the Triellus Trade Route within the spinward sectors of the Slice.

Responding to Rebel attempts to escape the blockaded Calamari sector, 12th Sector Command, known as the 'Cerulean Spear' during the Clone War, has increased patrols along the Triellus Trade Route. These have the mission to thwart Rebels escaping the Calamari blockade by charting new routes through the uncharted backwaters of the Outer Rim.

Last week, a deep space patrol encountered a rebel corvette with escorts attempting to reach civilized space, with its hyperlane infrastructure.

The Rebellion is suspected of charting new routes to connect systems, such as Baros and Dornea to the larger interstellar hyperlane network.

The Triellus route runs the circumference around the Outer Rim, connecting the most spinward sectors of the New Territories with the most trailing systems of the Western Reaches. Imperial Navy lines will patrol between Sy Myrth at the intersection with the Salin Corridor and Junkfort Station near Hutt Space.

The capacity of 12th Sector Command to coordinate naval units across sector boundaries highlights the vision of the late Grand Moff Tarkin. Creating a system of Priority- and Oversectors, to command sector-level assets, the Empire has greater capacity to destroy the Rebellion and combat piracy and illicit trafficking. The structure allows enemies of the Empire and its people to be crushed, while still allowing smaller sectors to be governed by Moffs as personal agents of the Emperor.

While some Imperial subjects still find the structure of Imperial governance complicated, sources close to the Emperor say that all is proceeding as He has foreseen.

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