Sunday, March 20, 2016

Empire in Control of Junkfort Station

Imperial stormtroopers in full control of Junkfort Station

JUNKFORT STATION - In a valiant effort, Imperial forces have taken control of Junkfort Station on the Outer Rim along the Triellus Trade Route. The station is no longer a wretched hive of scum am villainy.

Junkfort Station, formerly a civilian station that had fallen under the control of pirates and smugglers, was liberated by Imperial forces yesterday. The denizens of that station, as well as the world it orbits, can now rest assured that the Empire shall be securing their spacelanes and keeping them safe from illicit contraband and rebel elements.

The Rebellion was proven complicit with the criminal syndicates in control of the station, as one rebel cell attempted to wrest control away from Imperial forces after several squads of stormtrooper engaged in combat drills. While these rebels murdered a number of Imperial stormtroopers, the traitors to the Empire were eventually overwhelmed.

Junkfort Station has become a strategic location on the outer spinward reach of the Slice, where Rebel forces are blockaded in the Calamari sector. The Imperial Navy is conducting regular patrols along the Triellus Trade Route, preventing Rebel vessels from leaving the Calamari sector by way of newly-charted hyperroutes between the Calamari Sector and the Triellus Trade Route.

GAME: Imperial Assault
LOCATION: Guardian Games (Store Championship)
DATES: 2016-3-19

Not being an Imperial Assault player, I was a bit out of my depth, though I - thankfully - did not lose three skirmishes in a row. I had the following list, which was build for me by a friend:

2x Imperial Officer
2x Elite Stormtrooper
Elite Snowtrooper
Heavy Stormtrooper

I don't have the wherewithal (or data) to give a full run-down of the store championship, though I had the honor of giving the fellow who wound up winning it a run for the money. Unfortunately, my one opponent playing Rebels completely waxed me. So, once Lord Vader comes to visit, I shall be deservedly Force choked.

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