Sunday, March 13, 2016

Triellus Patrol Destroys Vessel Suspected of Carrying Fugitive Former Senator

The Imperial-class star destroyer Bombastic

DENNOGRA SYSTEM - A naval patrol line operating along the Triellus Trade Route encountered and destroyed a group of Rebel vessels suspected of carrying the fugitive former senator, Mon Mothma of Chandrila.

The Rebel convoy was surprised by the Imperial patrol line consisting of the Imperial-class star destroyer Bombastic flanked by two Gladiator-class star destroyers and accompanied by a wing of TIE Bombers. Operating smaller vessels, including Corellian corvettes and Calamari frigates, the Rebels were outclassed by the larger vessels and TIE squadrons.

Rebel traitor, former Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila

The corvette suspected of carrying the self-styled leader of the Rebellion was caught attempting to dock with a space station in the Dennogra system. According to reports, she was attempting to desert her seditious followers besieged in the Calamari sector.

Space-borne stormtroopers are examining the wreckage of the destroyed Rebel vessels, confident they shall retrieve the remains of the scofflaw former senator.

Senator Mon Mothma spent her last days in the Imperial Senate attempting to undermine the efforts of Emperor Palpatine to create a galaxy safe for humanity. When she could not convince the loyal citizenry of the Empire of her traitorous cause, she betrayed that same citizenry and formed the Rebellion together with the nepotistic Senate delegation from Alderaan.

Adm. Kendal Ozzel

The Imperial commander, Commodore Kendal Ozzel, engineered an expert ambush into which the Rebels were unable to avoid falling.

Commodore Ozzel - a rising star in the Imperial Navy - is renowned for being as agile as he is clever. His signature maneuver is to leap his vessels into the fray of naval combat, taking his enemies by surprise as he unleashes offensive firepower onto their hapless starships.

This was the fate of the senator's corvette as it attempted to flee the scene, leaving her followers to face the turbolasers of the Imperial star destroyer without even her faithless leadership.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: The Portland Game Store (Attempted Store Championship)
DATES: 2016-3-13

SYSTEM: Skeebo system
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Most Wanted

CR90 Corvette A + Mon Mothma + Turbolaser Reroute Circuits + Jaina's Light
MC30c Scout Frigate + Lando Calrissian + Ordnance Experts + Assault Proton Torpedoes + XI7 Turbolasers + Foresight
MC30c Torpedo Frigate + Walex Blissex + Ordnance Experts + Assault Proton Torpedoes + XI7 Turbolasers + Adminition
CR90 Corvette A + Turbolaser Reroute Circuits + Tantive IV
CR90 Corvette B + SW-7 Ion Batteries
Han Solo

EMPIRE: Mikael
Imperial I-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Ozzel + Wing Commander + Flight Controllers + Expanded Hangars + Boosted Comms +
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Ordnance Experts + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Ordnance Experts + Assault Concussion Missiles
Major Rhymer
4x TIE Bomber Squadron
2x TIE Advanced Squadron
2x TIE Fighter Squadron

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