Sunday, March 6, 2016

Imperial Navy Deploys Deep Space Patrols to Jubilar and Shadola Sectors

Deep Space Patrol formation embarking for mission on Outer Rim

MALDRA SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy is deploying enhanced deep space patrols into the Jubilar and Shadola sectors, aiming to locate Rebel elements attempting to escape the Calamari Sector using uncharted hyperroutes.

Sectors trailing of the blockaded Rebel Calamari sector

In its continuing mission to safeguard galactic civilization, the Imperial Navy is engaged in an effort to contain the beleaguered Rebellion in Outer Rim. To this end, the Navy is deploying long-range patrols into the depths of the Outer Rim where Rebel forces may attempt to seek free movement through relatively uncharted space.

The Calamari sector is blockaded by a significant naval presence in the Minntooine and Ruisto systems, interdicting the two hyperlanes into the sector. According to Imperial Intelligence, Rebel forces are likely to attempt to discover uncharted routes through the trailing end of the Calamari and Dominus sectors in order to escape the blockade.

The deep space patrols are making use of a new naval formation consisting of three small hyperspace-capable vessels and a small number of fighter craft. Led from aboard a VT-49 Decimator designated as a 'patrol leader', the patrols consist of the VT-49 as well as a Raider-class corvette and a Gozanti-class assault carrier. The Gozanti-class carries a flight of TIE fighters, while the patrol is further escorted by an element of hyperspace-capable TIE Advanced fighters.

The Deep Space Patrol formation represents a departure from the regular naval doctrine of safeguarding civilized systems from rebel attack. The formation requires deep space operations of hyperspace capable vessels in order to project Imperial power into the depths of the Outer Rim, where otherwise no civilized species would choose to inhabit or travel through.

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