Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Battles Erupt Across Tharin Sector

The Tharin Sector

BOONTA SYSTEM - The Rebellion and criminal syndicates challenged Imperial control along the Triellus Trade Route in a number of dastardly strikes against the legitimate maintenance of law and order.

In a surprise attack in the Junkfort system, the Rebellion captured space superiority around the system's main space station. Imperial patrols were away from their defensive posts at the time, attempting to secure hyperlane nodes in the Boonta, Sriluur, and Taskeed systems.

In their efforts to combat the insurrection of anarchy and criminality, the Empire opted to focus their attention on the Boonta system. The Boonta system lies coreward of Tharin in the neighboring Suolriep sector, at the crossroutes of critical hyperlanes in the region. The local inhabitants praised the Empire for their heroic efforts on behalf of protecting them from the dual threats of the Rebellion and criminal syndicates.

Unfortunately, the Empire's focus on the Boonta system also resulted in Rebel victories in the Sriluur and Nimat systems. According to reports from the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), no sooner had the Rebellion taken command of those systems with their fightercraft, that they fell out into disparate factions, warring between themselves. The ISB reported this as being 'typical behavior' for Rebel and syndicate factions.

Among Imperial formations some friendly fire was exchanged, but was categorized by the ISB as 'perfectly healthy rivalry' between Imperial flight commanders hoping to demonstrate their prowess and loyalty to the Emperor.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2016-05-01
Location: Red Castle Games (Sunday Open Play).

Battle of Junkfort Station on List Juggler

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