Sunday, May 8, 2016

Charis Naboobo Victor of the Battle of Sy Myrth

Swarms of Rebel-operated Corellian Corvettes before the command tower of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer during the heat of the Battle of Sy Myrth.

SY MYRTH SYSTEM - A large battle took place in the Sy Myrth system of the Jospro sector. The Empire won a hard-fought victory against many infamous Rebel warlords, thanks to the heroics of one of its finest: Commodore Charis Naboobo.

The Battle of Sy Myrth happened in a strategic location along the Triellus Trade Route and the Salin Corridor in the Jospro sector. Holding the Sy Myrth system is considered key to stemming the tide of Rebel incursions, while the campaign for the Tharin Sector continues.

While many Imperial commanders fell to the hateful Rebellion, one Imperial hero stood above all the rest. Commodore Charis Naboobo proved to uniquely capable of holding off some of the Rebellion's abominable leaders, such as the warlord Lyraeus, who has proven to be a scourge against all that is good in the Emperor's galaxy, but in particular in the Calamari Sector, which took months to pacify.

Other Rebel leaders present were the vicious Admiral Theia, whose history of inhumane atrocities make hardened Imperial veterans recoil with revulsion, and the warlord Iskander, who wields a monstrous reign in the Western Reaches of the galaxy.

With the system being barely held in check by Commodore Naboobo - also known as the hero of the Colundra Sector - the Emperor is deemed certain to reward the Commodore with a well-deserved promotion.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: Dice Age Games
EVENT: Vancouver, WA Regional Tournament
DATES: 2016-5-7

Okay, so I'm finding that it takes so much time to compile all the lists, that it's taking away from the fun or writing this blog.

This Regional tournament was run by Shmitty, who will be offering full analysis on his blog Concentrate Fire!, has the raw data available here.

So, for me the fun is in writing about what the game represented in my headcanon, with some tongue-in-cheek fun. The wonkery dealing with the effectiveness of this or that build is not as interesting to me.

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