Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stason Joltz: Scum Lord of Junkfort Station

Stason Joltz, Scum Lord of Junkfort Station

THARIN SECTOR - A traitor to the Empire has usurped control over a key system in the Tharin Sector of the Outer Rim.

Using superior Imperial training, a former servant of the empire has turned his back on the sole legitimate galactic authority, and carved out control over a system along the Triellus Trade Route.

Not expecting such betrayal, units of the Imperial Navy were taken by surprise by Commander Stason Stoltz’s (Ret.) forces.

These forces consisted of a notorious pirate named Kath Scarlett and an element of Kiraxh heavy fighters. It is feared that the pirate presence in the Junkfort system will limit legitimate trade. The Empire has put out a warning to commercial and private traffic setting course through the system to steer clear of Junkfort and its segment of the Triellus Trade Route.

It remains unknown if Stoltz is an agent of the Hutt cartels or an independent operator.

This disturbing news comes after the satisfaction of the victory gained by Commander Chaplin Vici, an eccentric Imperial Wing Commander commanding an irregular formation of Imperial fighters sporting a sable field with a skull and crossbones emblem. Commander Vici secured the Boonta System in the neighboring Suolriep sector.

Fortunately, the Jabiim system in the neighboring Phelleeem Sector also came under Imperial control. Regrettably, however, the Nimat system has fallen under the sway of the Rebellion.

With both the Junkfort and Nimat systems under the control of insurgents and criminal elements, citizens are urged to reroute traffic to the Salin corridor until the Imperial Navy can secure the Tharin Sector and flush out the undesirables infesting the region.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Red Castle Games
EVENT: Red Castle Sunday League
DATES: 2016-5-29

At the time of writing, allowing for some added results from after I left today, the league standings are as follows:

PlayerFaction   Score
Greg PaulRebels23
Toran MilwayRebels21
Brian DohertyEmpire20
Colin ShepperdRebels18
Jason StoltzScum17
Jason IsbellRebels15
Noa P.Empire14
Jacob StetsonScum14
Noah FortRebels8
Aaron BassowEmpire4
Jesse LoweRebels4

Also, at the time of writing, allowing for some added results from after I left today, the Tharin campaign standings are as follows:

System     Connections     Imperial Wins   Rebel Wins   Scum Wins
Taskeed 3111
Dennogra 2100

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