Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rebel Outpost Destroyed in Fest System

Captured Rebel facility in the Fest system, prior to destruction by TIE Bomber strikes.

FEST SYSTEM - The Empire struck another blow against the forces of insurrection and lawlessness today, when a Rebel holdout on the planet of Fest was captured by Imperial troopers.

The attack on the Rebel position began with bombing carried out by TIE bombers, followed up by courageous action by Cold Assault stormtroopers, commonly referred to as 'snowtroopers'.

The Rebel outpost had nearly surrendered when a team of Rebel operatives arrived. According to Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officers embedded with the snowtrooper battalion, the team of operatives arrived just in time in order to silence their former comrades.

The ISB officers disclosed this as a common but cold-blooded tactic used by Rebels to prevent the ISB from engaging in intelligence-gathering interviews with detained Rebel soldiers caught after being defeated in battle.

All the Rebel insurgents are believed to have perished in the collapse of the station after the structure having received critical damage in the TIE bomber attacks, though some are believed to have fallen victim to local wildlife.

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2016-05-04
Location: Time Vault Games

'Snowcrash' side mission

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