Monday, July 4, 2016

Despite Successes, Core Citizens 'Want Out' of the Outer Rim

Sectors of the Outer Rim

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - Despite the many successes of the Imperial Navy, public opinion on core worlds is starting to turn against further involvement in the Outer Rim.

"We've done enough for them," one citizens, who preferred to remain anonymous, but has since been referred to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) for re-education, told HNN. "It's time we did some 'order-bringing' at home, especially when it comes to aliens in the Core."

Citizens who 'want out' of the Outer Rim declare that they are proud of what their stormtroopers have done in such outlandish places such as the Arkanis Sector, Calamari Sector, and more recently in the Tharin Sector. However, they say "Enough is enough! It's time those aliens learn to stand on their own two (or, however many) feet!"

Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, ReadJunk

An unlikely spokesalien for this point of view is the Coruscant developer Donalo Fortuna, a Twi'Lek who's grandfather immigrated from the far-flung Ryloth 130 standard rotations ago.

"Aliens love me," Fortuna said, "but we've got to stop sending our navy out there until the ISB figures out what's going on."

Fortuna referred to the insurrection movement called the 'Rebel Alliance', which has been based in several Outer Rim worlds such as Dantooine, Yavin IV, and Hoth. While some point out that many leaders among the Rebellion are former senators from Core worlds such as Chandrila, Corellia, and Alderaan, Fortuna pointed out the problem of Ugnauts - a porcine alien species from the Gentes system in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim.

Representatives of the Ugnaut Weapons Engineering Union conspiring with fugitive former Senator Leia Organa (R-Alderaan)

"Ugnauts are taking weapons engineering jobs away from hard working Core-world humans," Fortuna said. "It's a real disgrace; a real disgrace."

After the pacification of the Hoth system and the Imperialization of Cloud City, security camera footage from the Tibanna gas mining facility on Bespin showed Ugnauts conspiring with fugitive former Senator Leia Organa (R-Alderaan).

"Thankfully, we're no longer employing Wookiees as gunners in the Imperial Navy," Fortuna said of the species from the Mid-Rim world in the Mytaranor sector, Kashyyyk.

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