Monday, July 4, 2016

Tharin Sector: Imperial Navy Prevents Escape Rebellion

Rebel X-Wing fighters caught between TIE Fighters and the Raider-class corvette Pernicious; Gozanti-class cruiser alleged to be the Vector in the distance with civilian volunteers standing up against the Rebellion.

SRILUUR SYSTEM - The Empire was once again victorious in the Tharin sector as a Rebel escape from the Nimat system was made impossible by swift naval action.

The Imperial plan to secure the Tammar system was defly executed when the Interdictor-class star destroyer Injunction projected a gravity well along the Triellus Trade Route through the Tammar system. As this was the only route for Rebel forces to escape the Tharin sector, the naval strategists were certain the Rebel fugitives would fall into their hand.

While the Injunction carried out its strategic role in the distance, the heroic crew of the Raider-class corvette Pernicious and TIE Fighter escorts were on the scene to apprehend the fleeing members of the Rebellion.

Reports concerning the precise details of the naval action have become classified, but the Empire's most trustworthy source of official information, the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) assured HNN that the Imperial Navy's action inspired local forces to stand with the Navy against the insurrectionist Rebels.

Civilian volunteers from the renowned House Benelex came to the aid of the Pernicious. According to a leaked image of the incident, the wayward cruiser Vector also made an appearance on the scene, and is rumored by some to have been directly responsible for the main Rebel vessel's destruction. The ISB assures HNN that this was a case of mistaken identity, and that these rumors are merely the cynical ravings of aliens and other malcontents.

The Pernicious meanwhile has been sent on assignment deeper into the Outer Rim. Friends and family of the vessel's crew have been told that these heroes of the Empire may be on their distant mission for some time, as they search for more Rebel hideouts.

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