Monday, July 11, 2016

Rebel Piracy in Aturi Cluster Thwarted

Rebel scavenging vessel destroyed by TIE Bombers of the Scimitar Squadron

QEIMET SYSTEM - Imperial Navy starfighter elements thwarted Rebel bandits in an attempt at piracy in the Aturi Cluster. One Rebel freighter was destroyed while the Rebel pirate fighters scattered like cowards, when faced by proper military units.

Imperial TIE Fighter units encountered Rebel starfighters engaged in the act of piracy within the Aturi Cluster. The cargo freighter Trellisk had been attacked and destroyed by the Rebel units while traversing an ion storm en route to the U'dray system.

Fortunately for the crew of the Trellisk an Imperial patrol responded to its distress signal and caught sight of the freighter's wreckage just as a Rebel scavenging vessel was attempting to capture the crew's escape pod.

In a pitched battle, the TIE fighter pilots dutifully protected the forlorn crew from starfighter bandits of the X- and Y-wing types, and destroyed the capturing vessel, a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter as its docking clamps had grasped the hapless escape pod.

It is believed that if the crew aboard the escape pod would have been captured by the Rebels, the crew would surely have been sold into slavery in order to fund the Rebel Alliance's obstinate insurgency.

After the Rebellion's successive defeats in the Keldrath and Calamari sectors, and, more recently, the Tharin sector, the Rebels are in dire straits. Their piracy is suspected to be the final act of desperation for a dying movement.

The Imperial patrols operated from the flight deck of the Imperial Star Destroyer, Retribution based in the neighboring Juris sector.

The Aturi Cluster is a lawless region in the Hook Nebula sector, a place in which rebels and other pirates find refuge. The Retribution has been tasked with cleansing the Aturi cluster of the remaining Rebels, and will not rest until they have been captured or killed. Loyal tax-paying citizens of the Galactic Empire, tired of footing the bill for these malcontents, earnestly hope for the latter.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Red Castle Games
EVENT: Heroes of the Aturi Cluster weekly league
DATE: 2016-7-11

We are starting a new league in the form of the 'Heroes of the Aturi Cluster', a co-operative game for X-Wing.

The league involves a desperate Rebellion attempting to turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War. The budding squadron of X- and Y-wing fighters still requires more recruits to help doom the galaxy to lawlessness and insurrection.

Thus far, we have the following Dramatis Personae of infamy:

PlayerCharacter   PS   Description   Upgrades
Greg Paul"Gunface"3Human
Y-Wing pilot
R5-D8 Astromech
Dorsal Turret
Engine Upgrade

Jason Stoltz"Vagabond"3Wookiee
Y-Wing pilot
R5 Astromech
Dorsal Turret
Proton Torpedoes

Nathan Moomaw   "Hammerhead"   3Ithorian
X-Wing pilot
Push the Limit
Integrated Astromech

Michael Wright"Salvage"3Human
X-Wing pilot
Integrated Astromech
Proton Torpedoes
Expert Handling

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