Saturday, January 28, 2017

Vader in Corellian Sector; Finding New Ways to Motivate Fleet Commanders

Lord Darth Vader after meeting with fleet admirals

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Lord Darth Vader has arrived in the Corellian sector to provide the officers and crewers of the Corellian Sector Group with much-needed inspiration and morale.

After a series of momentary tactical setbacks in dealing with sundry Rebel fleet formations in the Corellian Sector, the Emperor's right-hand man has arrived to 'buck up' the officers and crewers of the sector's fleets.

Vader has also instituted a singular change of command over the Sector Group's second fleet, the Outer Sector Patrol. While the precise identity of the new fleet commander remains unknown, HNN has learned of rumors that the newly-minted commodore has extensive wing-command experience with the squadron-level of combat.

The prior commander of the second fleet offered Vader his apologies for a recent setback at Drall in the Corellian system. The second fleet had been ambushed by Rebel squadrons, while investigating probe-droid reports of Rebel activity in orbit of the planet.

Lord Vader is said to have accepted the commander's apologies.

With Darth Vader, whose reputation as being even more forgiving than even Emperor Palpatine Himself, in the sector, the officers and crewers of the sector group shall doubtless have ever more motivation to destroy the Rebel presence and protect the Emperor's loyal subjects from Rebel atrocities.

Moff Mikael Hasselstein has assured both Lord Vader and the sector's citizens that efforts shall be 'redoubled'.

Chris has personally offered his apologies to Lord Vader, and Noa has been promoted to command the sector's second fleet.

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