Sunday, August 13, 2017

Empire Brings Several Rebel and Criminal Fleets to Heel; Rebels Continue Skirmish Among Themselves

Victory II-class Star Destroyers under the command of Lord Xenos II over Ord Mantell

ORD MANTELL - The Imperial Navy continues to press its advantage over the Rebels and criminal syndicates of the Bright Jewel system. while some Rebel-flagged smuggler fleets escaped the Imperial nets, two condemnable Rebel warlords fought among one another for dominance in infamy.

The most notable victory was Lord Xenos II's destruction of Shmitty the Dataslicer's fleet of Hammerhead corvettes. This criminal mastermind has been taught a lesson for allying his syndicate with the hapless Rebellion.

Lord Xenos' exploit was more notable for having been accomplished with a line of older vessels, including two Victory-class Star Destroyers and two Arquitens cruiser, supported by a flotilla of Gozanti transports. Hailing from the Outer Rim, Lord Xenos has demonstrated the ingenuity to which Outer Rim commanders have shown in their efforts to bring crime and insurrection under control.

Another Imperial commander of the Outer Rim, Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector, led his fleet from the bridge of a mighty Imperial-class Star Destroyer, from where he supervised the destruction of a rebel fleet belonging to the Rebel faction led by rogue senator Mon Mothma.

Unfortunately, a few other fleet of Hammerhead corvettes was able to slip past Imperial lines. The local Imperial authorities are confident, however, that they will inevitable be caught and brought to Imperial justice.

Meanwhile, the Rebel forces of Canth Walden encountered a rival Rebel Warlord, the savage Admiral Theia, whose bloodthirsty atrocities are infamous in the Core Worlds and Outer Rim alike. According to intelligence reports, Theia proved to be the slightly more heinous of the two, and shall be challenging the crime lord Shmitty for his hegemony among the Bright Jewel syndicates.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: The Portland Game Store
EVENT: Store Championship, Round 2
DATE: 2017-8-13

Table 1:
Shmitty the Dataslicer, Rebels (Bryan Schmidt) vs. Lord Xenos II, Empire (Henry Thomson II), (146 - 176 = -30) 5-6

Table 2:
Commodore Charis Naboobo, Empire (Chris Shaffer) vs. Rebels (Gene PDX) (254 - 126 = 128) 7-4

Table 3:
Admiral Theia Rebels (Michelle Theia) vs. Canth Walden, Rebels (Greg Cruz) (310 - 225 = 85) 7-4

Table 4:
Empire (Greg Saum) vs. Rebels (Chuck Enton), (212 - 430 = -218) 3-8

Table 5:
Rebels (Will Sarchet) vs. Empire (James Enton), (306 - 174 = 132) 7-4

Rebels (Bryan Craig) - DROP

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