Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rebel Factions Fractured Over Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell, capital world of the Bright Jewel sector, is a known shadow port

ORD MANTELL - Hostilities erupted in the Bright Jewel sector this morning, as Imperial Navy formations emerged over Ord Mantell in an operation aimed at bringing law and order to this chaotic sector of the spinward Mid Rim. Predictabily, internecine squabbles divided separate Rebel and criminal factions, while Imperial officers imposed discipline on their juniors.

Taking an already crime-ridden world in the Mid Rim by surprise, the Imperial Navy emerged out of hyperspace over Ord Mantell in the Bright Jewel sector. Typical of the fractious Rebels in the region, different factions chose to train their turbolasers on one another than the Imperial lines of battle.

Canth Walden, a notorious rebel warlord, who was driven from the Corellian Sector some months ago, was identified as one of the Rebel factions over Ord Mantell. His first act was to narrowly drive a rival Rebel warlord from Ord Mantell's orbit.

Meanwhile, Lord Xenos II, an Imperial commander of the far north of the Outer Rim, brought swift discipline to a junior Imperial officer whose line of vessels proved to be insufficiently prepared to bring Imperial justice to the Rebellion. The result of this was hailed as a victory for Imperial discipline and good order.

Disturbingly, one fleet of Hammerhead corvettes opened fire on an Imperial line attempting to inspect the vessels for contraband. The hammerheads, suspected to belong to a criminal dealer in arcane data, only known as Shmitty the Dataslicer, was able to outmaneuver the Imperial line, and escape Imperial justice. Lord Xenos has been tasked with bringing the dataslicer to heel.

Ord Mantell is the capital planet of the Bright Jewel system of the eponymous sector at the crossroutes of the Celanon Spur and Entralla Trade Route. A world known as a shadowport for smugglers, crime syndicates, and other alien thugs, is a likely den for different Rebel factions. The Bright Jewel Rebels, whose mutual enmities are frequently greater than their hostility towards the Empire, are considered a mere nuisance for Imperial order.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: The Portland Game Store
EVENT: Store Championship, Round 1
DATE: 2017-8-13

Table 1:
Rebels (Bryan Craig) vs. Canth Walden, Rebels (Greg Cruz) 5-6
Table 2:
Shmitty the Dataslicer, Rebels (Bryan Schmidt) vs. Empire (Greg Saum) 9-2 :(
Table 3:
Rebels (Gene PDX) vs. Rebels (Will Sarchet) 9-2
Table 4:
Lord Xenos II (Henry Thomson II) vs. Empire (James Enton) 10-1
Table 5:
Commodore Charis Naboobo, Empire (Chris Shaffer) vs. Rebels (Chuck Enton) 9-2
Admiral Theia Rebels (Michelle Theia) - BYE

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