Sunday, August 13, 2017

Imperial Commanders Engage in Virtuous Competition, While Rebels Squabble

A rebel corvette breaks up in orbit of Ord Mantell, as it falls victim to an attack by a rival Revel faction.

ORD MANTELL - The Rebels' infighting continues to doom the Rebels and criminal syndicates' hold on the Bright Jewel system. Meanwhile, the Emperor has allowed the Imperial Navy commanders to compete for command of the system.

Demonstrating His most enlightened military policy, the Emperor is allowing Imperial commanders to compete with one another. The most capable admiral shall be allowed the honor of being the final word in the system's administration and authority to direct Imperial forces in the region. Commodore Charis Naboobo of the Colundra Sector in the Outer Rim and Lord Xenos II, also from the Outer Rim are favorites to win the contest. Promotion to command over a Mid Rim system is likely to be a great advancement for either commander.

The Rebels and criminal syndicates, on the other hand, have made their unruliness manifest, by continuing to skirmish among one another, even as the Empire asserts order on the wayward system. Particularly the heinous Admiral Theia is seeking to replace Shmitty the Dataslicer as the dominant crime lord in the Bright Jewel sector, just as Canth Walden attempts to salvage his reputation on the back of another Rebel warlord.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: The Portland Game Store
EVENT: Store Championship, Round 3 (in process)
DATE: 2017-8-13

Table 1:
Commodore Charis Naboobo, Empire (Chris Shaffer) vs. Lord Xenos II, Empire (Henry Thomson II) TBD

Table 2:
Shmitty the Dataslicer, Rebels (Bryan Schmidt) vs. Admiral Theia Rebels (Michelle Theia) TBD

Table 3:
Rebels (Gene PDX) vs. Rebels (Chuck Enton) TBD

Table 4:
Canth Walden, Rebels (Greg Cruz) vs. Rebels (Will Sarchet) TBD

Table 5:
Empire (Greg Saum) vs. Empire (James Enton) TBD

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