Sunday, August 13, 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Moff Mikael Hasselstein of the Corellian Sector

Mikael Hasselstein, Moff of the Corellian sector

CORELLIAN SYSTEM - After months of soothing news silence, Moff Mikael Hasselstein opens up about the challenges and successes of governing the Corellian sector and defeating the Rebellion there.

After a successful career of managing the HoloNet News Group, Hasselstein took on the challenge of governing the Corellian sector and maintaining peace, security and prosperity on this sector of the Core Worlds. Despite some Rebel attempts to instill terror into the peace of mind the citizens of the Corellian sector normally enjoy, Moff Hasselstein is happy to report that the Rebels are being driven from the sector, and its citizens can breathe easy once more.

In order to ease the minds of the Corellian sector's citizens, Moff Hasselstein agreed to an exclusive interview, after many months of maintaining news silence in the sector. Below is a transcript of the interview.

HNN: "Moff Hasselstein, thank you very much for being willing to sit down with us for an interview. It is a great honor for us to interview someone of your exalted station."

MMH: "Oh, please, think nothing of it."

HNN: "First off, can you tell us why there has been a news silence in the Corellian sector for these many months."

MMH: "Of course, of course. As you now know, there has been a little bit of a Rebel insurgency in the sector. The insurgents do what insurgents do. They crow about some small temporary successes that they may have had, and make a gundark out of a midge-fly. That serves to unnerve the citizens, who have a hard time putting the Rebel activities into perspective."

HNN: "So the Rebels did have some successes?"

MMH: "Well, they would certainly call them that. But in perspective, there were some small fleet actions in a few systems. We decided to withdraw a few Imperial flotillas in the interest of not allowing collateral casualties among the citizens."

HNN: "Some might criticize you for not assuming that citizens of the Empire would willingly lay down their lives for the Emperor and galactic pride and security."

MMH: "That is true, and it was taken into account. The Emperor does inspire that sort of feeling among His subjects, but we decided that it simply was not necessary in this case. If they still wish to do so, they may volunteer for the Stormtrooper corps, which is willing to take in able-bodied patriotic citizens."

HNN: "And now, is the sector safe from the insurgency?"

MMH: "Admiral Arno Vross and I recently had some glorious victories over the Rebels, including against the inhuman Admiral Theia, and the traitor Iago Yueh. I also anticipate good news from the Talfaglio system soon. With any luck, they will have learned their lessons, and will have crawled back to the Outer Rim, where their terrorism will not impact fine Core-World Imperial subjects."

HNN: "Well, we rejoice that you have the Corellian sector well in hand. How do you respond to reports of a Rebel insurgency also emerging in the Bright Jewel Sector?"

MMH: "I cannot comment on it before learning more. However, I have faith that our Imperial forces shall be victorious. Any commanders who fail us will be swiftly retired and replaced by more capable officers."

HNN: "Thank you for being willing to speak to us, Lord Hasselstein."

MMH: "Oh thank you for that title, but I am merely a humble servant of the Emperor. It was my pleasure."

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