Wednesday, July 22, 2015

HNN is back from Unknown Regions

A developing chart of a region in the unknown areas of the galaxy

GEROON SYSTEM - After sufficient exploration, the Emperor has decreed exploration into the Unknown Regions complete and strategically unsuited for the New Order. Citizens continue to rejoice at Emperor's enlightened policies.

The areas spinward of the Negs and the New Territories have proven to not be unsuited for further Imperial exploration at a time when regions like the Outer Rim of the known regions remain threatened by a crime wave and rebel insurrection. Furthermore, the Unknown Regions were found to have too few humans requiring protection from corrupt and oppressive alien life forms.

The New Order's humans-first policies are deemed to be best served by focusing on the territories where humans are known to live and be threatened by the corruption of aliens.

Reporters of dubious loyalty asked administrators of the exploration program if the Emperor's decision to cease exploration was the result of stiff military opposition found in the Unknown Regions. The journalistic channels employing reporters of dubious loyalty are now looking for journalists of greater loyalty to fill their ranks.

Okay, I'm back from having been gone. Reporting will recommence.

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