Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Regular Navy Units Take Apart Rebel Criminals in Sirpar System

Crash site of criminal Y-wing craft. Inspection teams operating from the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious will analyze wreckage to determine origin.

SIRPAR SYSTEM - An element of TIE/sa bomber craft escorted by a flight of TIE/ln Fighters encountered criminal units in the Sirpar system yesterday, destroying the agents of villainy utterly.

The skirmish proved to be a text-book victory for the Imperial Navy, proving once again the Empire's space superiority over the obsolete starships of the criminal enterprises and the Navy's space aviators over the corrupt alien pilots employed by the crime syndicates and the Rebellion.

The Imperial victory also lends evidence to the superiority of the Navy's standard order of battle. Moff Dzon Brennin, a former Imperial Intelligence officer, had mandated the criminals and the rebels of the Arkanis sector are to be dealt with exclusively using 'special operations units', consisting of irregular formations of naval fighters and patrol craft. The units in question were operating under the jurisdiction of the Savareen Sector Group, maintaining the standard order of battle. Moff Drennin's critics on Coruscant call for the removal of the Moff and his tactics for combating the rebel and criminal threat.

The Sirpar system, in which the skirmish took place, lies along the Corellian Run trade route, separating the Arkanis sector from the Savareen sector, marking the boundary between aggressive anti-criminal activity and a naval blockade working to deprive criminals and rebels in the Arkanis sector of necessary resources.

During the skirmish, Imperial space aviators are reported to have detected a rebel transponder among the criminal Y-wing craft. Analysts aboard the Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Pernicious, base ship for the Navy's units involved in the skirmish, will engage in a search for forensic evidence to determine the Y-wings' origins.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2015-7-21
Location: Red Castle Games (pick-up game).

Battle 1
System: Sirpar
WINNER: Empire

SCUM: Nick
Guri + Autothrusters + Inertial Dampeners + Advanced Sensors + Virago
3x Syndicate Thug + Unhinged Astromech + Autoblaster Turret

EMPIRE: Michael
2x Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Cluster Missiles + Flechette Torpedoes + Seismic Charges + Munitions Failsafe
4x Academy Pilot

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