Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rebels Launch Surprise Attack on Nelvaan

Star destroyer Formidable evacuating Nelvaan station

KOOBI SYSTEM - The Rebellion launched a savage surprise attack on the panet Nelvaan in the Koobi system of the Savereen sector today. Only through heroic action by the Imperial Navy were most of the humans on board of the orbital station saved from the Rebels' predatory actions.

The attack came unexpected as the Koobi system lies well within the perimeter of the blockade around the Arkanis sector. The Koobi system lies off major hyperlanes such as the Corellian Run and the Triellus Trade Route.

Strategic analysts at the Naval headquarters on Christophsis explain the rebels' appearance in the Koobi system, saying the rebel war band must have used obscure hyperroutes maintained by criminal syndicates operating in the Arkanis sector.

Location of the Koobi system, home star system of the planet Nelvaan

Imperial Intelligence further suspects a local warlord, a particularly savage rebel commander called Lyraeus, to be responsible for the attack. Lyraeus is considered a rebel thug whose notoriety for brutality rivals that of the infamous Admiral Theia.

According to transponder data collected by systems operators aboard the Victory-class star destroyer Formidable, the attacking assault frigates bore the names Scars of Freedom and Orca's Pride, vessels known to be associated with the warlord Lyraeus.

The Formidable was able to rescue more than 87% of those embarked aboard the orbital station around Nelvaan. This humanitarian operation was able to succeed owing to the bravery of the commander and crew of another Victory-class star destroyer, the Redoubt. All hands aboard the Redoubt were lost as it shielded the Formidable while evacuation operations were ongoing, and as the Formidable made for the lightspeed jump zone in order to bring the civilians to safety.

As the Formidable escaped, her comm crew intercepted communication between the Scars of Freedom and the Orca's Pride. According to the intercepted communications, the rebels planned to impale the remaining civilians aboard the station and display their corpses on the hulls of Lyraeus' warships as a grotesque trophy of this day's savage attack.

One thing is clear: the warlord Lyraeus intends to have his infamy overshadow that of his rebel rival Theia, as is considered customary among the rebel savages of the Outer Rim.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: Red Castle Games (Casual pick-up game)
DATE: 2015-7-23

Battle 1
System: Koobi System
WINNER: Rebels
OBJECTIVE: Contested Outpost

EMPIRE Michael
Victory II-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Weapons Liaison
Victory II-class Star Destroyer + Weapons Liaison
"Mauler" Mithel
TIE Fighter Squadron
Major Rhymer
3x TIE Bomber Squadron

Rebels: Damion ('Lyraeus')
Assault Frigate Mark IIB + Electronic Countermeasures + Enhanced Armament + Mon Mothma
Assault Frigate Mark IIB + Electronic Countermeasures + Enhanced Armament
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + Redemption
2x X-wing Squadron

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