Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Empire Explores Unknown Regions

A developing chart of a region in the Unknown Areas of the galaxy

GEROON SYSTEM - In addition to maintaining security and stability for the Empire's citizens, the Emperor has decreed exploration into the Unknown Regions. Citizens rejoice at Emperor's enlightened policies.

As citizens have become inured to the constant warring on the Outer Rim, they now have even more reason to be hopeful for an even greater future under the Emperor's New Order. With the decree for new exploration, new regions for exploitation of resources and settlement will be opened up in areas spinward of the Negs and the New Territories.

The Unknown Regions are a portion of space unconnected to the broader galactic community. With the new exploration policy, the Emperor's New Order will soon be brought to unknown species of aliens, who can be integrated into the Empire's dedicated workforce. Those alien species already encountered, according to early reports, are overawed by the Empire's level of civilization and have happily surrendered themselves to Imperial administration.


The news here is that I'm traveling away from my normal game-playing haunts. I'm in Europe, visiting family and friends. Last week I was in the Netherlands and this week I'm in Sweden. Therefore, no games of X-Wing or Armada. Ergo the HoloNet silence on my part. Further, I have not been getting battle reports from my correspondents. I will get back home on the 20th, so sit tight until then (and some days) before I start posting regularly again.

I have, however, been introduced to a pretty neat online game called Planets Nu, in which our glorious empire is somewhat represented. (It's called 'The Evil Empire' for an unfathomable reason. Darned rebels and their slanderous libel are everywhere). It's a turn-based multiplayer interstellar strategy game, involving logistics, ship-building, mine-laying, and all sorts of things that get me excited.

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