Saturday, December 17, 2016

Armed Hostilities Erupt Between Criminal and Insurgent Forces in Gaulus Sector

Rebel X-wing fighters (from archive)

RYLOTH SYSTEM - Hostilities have erupted between criminal and insurgent armed groups in the Gaulus sector. Imperial forces attempt to suppress senseless violence.

A number of skirmishes between insurgents, criminals and other malcontents have erupted spontaneously in the Gaulus sector, an Outer Rim Territory at the end of the Corellian Run. The systems plagued by the the violent groups are the Ryloth, Wrea, Dalchon, Gaulus, and Pelgrin systems. Imperial forces were swift to respond in the Ryloth system.

The Gaulus sector, showing violence-plagues systems.

Early reports have Imperial forces defeating the Rebellion in the Ryloth system. Criminal cartels, meanwhile, have dealt deadly blows against Rebel forces in the Dalchon, Wrea, Pelgrin, and Gaulus systems.

GAME: X-Wing
LOCATION: Geeks & Games - Oregon City
EVENT: Standard tournament
DATE: 2016-12-17

First round:
Ryloth: James (Empire) vs. Charles (Rebel) - EMPIRE
Wrea: Jason (Scum) vs. Greg (Rebel) - SCUM
Pelgrin: Ken (Scum) vs. Ian (Rebel) - SCUM
Gaulus: Phillip (Scum) vs. Chris (Rebel) - SCUM
Dalchon: Nathan (Rebel) vs. Troy (Scum) - SCUM

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