Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cloud City, Bespin Cleared of Rebel Insurgency

Imperial trouble-shooter, Lord Darth Vader, departs after Cloud City secured

BESPIN SYSTEM - Swift Imperial action purged Cloud City in the Bespin system of insurgent operatives. City rejoices at Imperial intervention

After numerous months, operatives of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) aided by Imperial stormtroopers, cleared the last remaining rebels from abandoned Tibanna docks. These are believed to have been the Rebels' base of operations during their uprising.

Cloud City breathes a sigh of relief after the Empire has removed the insurgent presence aboard the airborne mining facility. With the threat eliminated, the population is grateful for Imperial administration after years of corruption.

ISB operatives patrolling a Cloud City corridor

The breakthrough came after the arrival of the Emperor's right-hand man, Lord Darth Vader. Lord Vader's arrival is seen as a sign of the Emperor's personal interest in Bespin. Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran, is often described as a 'trouble-shooter' for dealing with Rebel insurgencies and reinvigorating ailing industrial operations.

The benighted mining facility and floating urban metropolis had suffered years of maladministration, a common feature of governance in the Outer Rim Territories. The prior Baron Administrator of Cloud City had come into his post through illicit dealings. Some suspect that policies were determined through wild speculation on games of chance.

Darth Vader declines interview

With the last Rebels having fled Cloud City, Lord Vader is said to have "cut staff in half", promising a more efficient bureaucracy. Furthermore, Vader is said to have introduced "new ways to motivate" the remaining Cloud City administration and workers.

Malcontents claiming the Rebels had extracted vital information, despite Vader's attempts to capture them, were re-educated to understand the folly of their ideas and retrained for employment in the lower decks. In the depths of the city, they will be granted the opportunity to find new purpose in serving their fellow beings of the galaxy.

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2016-12-13
Location: Time Vault Games

Final mission of The Bespin Gambit Mini-Campaign: Cloud City's Secret

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