Saturday, December 10, 2016

Defensive Refit Program Announced on Lothal

Lothal Minister of Industries, Maketh Tua

LOTHAL SYSTEM - Minister of Industrial Efficiency on Lothal, Maketh Tua, announces defensive refit program for Imperial Navy vessels.

On Lothal, an industrial manufacturing world in the Outer Rim Territories, Maketh Tua, the Minister of Industrial Efficiency, has announced a new program for the selective refitting of Imperial Navy vessels. In so doing, she vows to make certain Imperial Navy vessels more defensively capable.

The chosen slogan for the program is to 'Make the Victory Star Destroyer Great Again', referring to Victory-class star destroyers.

The Victory-class star destroyer is an older vessel design, having been introduced at the end of the Clone War. It has since been largely supplanted by the larger Imperial-class star destroyer, but the older vessel still sees service in the Outer Rim Territories.

Minister Tua at official presentation of new policy on Lothal. Image credit: Gottmituns205

Minister Tua has been granted leeway in the absence of Arihnda Pryce, the Imperial governor of Lothal. In the governor's absence, the Lothal system has been plagued by some minor insurgent activity, with local authorities assessing the activity as being the result of disgruntled industrial workers.

The defensive refit program is part of a wider policy aimed at both bolstering Imperial Navy vessels, such as the Victory-class star destroyers, as well as suppressing the revolt.

"Work shall become more demanding until morale improves," Minister Tua told HNN.

As part of the refit program, vessels shall be fitted with reinforced blast doors, though electronic countermeasures and advanced shield projectors are also being produced in Lothal's factories.

The above is in response to Fantasy Flight Games' reveal of the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion: The Empire's Interests
Particular reference is made to this new Officer upgrade card:

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