Friday, December 16, 2016

Benn Gleck: I Was Wrong. The Rebellion is Worse

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck explains how the Rebellion is more vicious and condemnable than even he had previously fathomed.

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the Rebellion is vastly more insidious than even he had imagined.

Dear fellow loyal subjects of the Emperor,

I was wrong.

It is not easy for me to admit that. I have my true-blue human frailties like anyone else (except, of course, the Emperor), but - yes - I was wrong.

I was wrong because I thought that the Rebellion was perhaps misguided, perhaps a little extreme, but I used to think that appealing to reason and galactic spiritedness would eventually make most Rebels see things the Imperial way.

Insurgent Cham Syndulla of Ryloth (top), and terrorist Saw Gerrera of Onderon (bottom)

But with the vicious and inhumane attacks recently being carried out by the infamous likes of Cham Syndulla of Ryloth, Saw Gerrera of Onderon, and Admiral Theia, it's clear that it's just too much.

It's tragic, really.

It's tragic, because once both of the former were patriots fighting the separatist menace alongside the banner of the Republic, led by then-Chancellor Palpatine. It may be that the fanatical influence of the Jedi rubbed off on them. It was, after all, the Jedi who taught these two erstwhile leaders to fight guerrilla insurgencies against the droid army.

While Palpatine's war policies during the Clone War are, of course, beyond reproach - indeed, how could anyone justifiably criticize the one man who's political genius kept the galaxy together? - but we should be sober about some of the side effects.

Most of the blame for the radicalization of these individuals must also be thrown at the feet of the Jedi. Towards the end of the way it became clear that the Jedi were a dangerous death cult, who encouraged this sort of warfare.

It is little wonder that these leaders became radicalized by the Jedi. Constant reinforcement of an ideologically-narrow message, filled with misinformation, which aims to set some people apart from others, can do tremendous harm. When that sort of Bantha fodder is constantly fed to any audience, at some point even the inciter can lose control of the incited.

It is clear, my good audience, that this happened to these one-time good men, who fought the separatist droid army, but eventually fell under the corrupt sway of the Jedi. Now that these men have both savagery from their war experienced, combined with the toxic indoctrination of the Jedi, it is clear that the Empire must purge this sort of individual, and may our fine stormtroopers save us from these extremists.

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