Friday, June 26, 2015

Moff Brennin: Campaign in Arkanis Sector Proceeding Apace

The crime- and rebellion-ridden Arkanis sector.

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Moff Dzon Brennin has declared the recent sector-wide battle for the Arkanis sector an 'attritional' success, arguing that with the Empire's resource superiority, his forces will wear the criminals and terrorists down.

With the recent publication of the battle results of skirmishes in the Arkanis sector, analysts have determined that the Empire has performed en par with criminal elements and insurgents. While loyal critics of Moff Brennin have called these results disappointing - the forces of the Imperial Navy should be expected to out-perform any rank criminals or vile terrorists - the Brennin has retorted that these side-passenger critics do not understand the nature of the campaign to bring the Arkanis sector to heel.

"The campaign to bring the Arkanis sector into line is proceeding apace," Brennin told HNN.

While the Imperial Navy could bring overwhelming force to bear, Moff Brennin has deemed such a strategy to be an inefficient use of the resources provided by Imperial taxpayers. A slower and targeted campaign with emphasis on small fighter-craft engaged in surgical attacks on rebel and criminal elements will provide for a more thorough and less costly outcome in the Empire's favor, Brennin argued.

The quantitative analysis of wins and losses, has demonstrated a 7:6 edge of Imperial against criminal forces, a 24:21 edge of rebel to Imperial forces, and a 10:6 edge of criminal over rebel forces. While the critics argue that the Imperial Navy should be supreme over both rebel and criminal forces with much more encouraging numbers, the moff argues that the gradual depletion of criminal and rebel forces is to be preferred over an overwhelming attack on these enemies of the Empire's New Order.


Game: X-Wing
Date: 2015-6-13
Location: Dice Age Games (2015 Regional Tournament).
Data available here

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