Thursday, January 5, 2017

Autonomous Ryloth Descending into Crime and Corruption

Lessu, capital city of Ryloth

LESSU, RYLOTH - Having been granted autonomy from the Empire, Ryloth demonstrates weakening rule of law as thieves and smugglers fail at attempt to steal 'cash' from departing Imperial constabulary.

Yesterday, Imperial stormtroopers thwarted looters from stealing impounded cash, which had been confiscated from a spice trafficker, known as 'Tagg Ronin'. The attempted looting took place at an Imperial impound station, which was on the verge of being dismantled in the process of autonomizing Ryloth.

The attempted looting comes in the background of weakening governing institutions on Ryloth as the Empire hesitantly granted autonomy to Ryloth. Imperial withdrawal began after the Twi'lek people, the denizens of this alien world, voted for autonomy from the Empire, electing the Coruscant real-estate developer Donalo Fortuna planetary governor. Donalo Fortuna, whose brother Bib Fortuna is employed by the Outer Rim crime lord Jabba the Hutt, is considered to be heavily involved with corrupt governance practices.

Under the autonomous governance arrangement, the newly installed Twi'lek legislature voted to dismantle anti-corruption institutions set up by the Empire, signalling that Fortuna's new regime aims to make the most of local autonomy for himself and various cronies.

The Empire is said to be respecting the will of the Twi'lek electorate, but there are worries that criminal cartels, such as that of Jabba the Hutt, and insurrectionist militants led by Cham Syndulla may gain in influence in the Ryloth system and surrounding Gaulus sector. The Lessu looters attempting to steal the contraband were said to have followed Ronin from nearby Tatooine - home of the crime syndicate led by Jabba the Hutt - suggesting a tie to Bib Fortuna.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist

Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) told HNN reporters that the TWi'lek referendum was regrettable, but the Outer Rim cannot be governed against local sentiment.

"Hopefully, when the Twi'lek people realize that they do not have the capacity for self-governance, they will realize the blessings of Imperial administration. In the meantime, loyal subjects of the Empire in the Core Worlds, such as Corustant, Corellia, and Hosnian Prime continue to enjoy the fruits of good Imperial governance, and impulses to separatism and rebellion are non-existant."

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2017-1-4
Location: Time Vault Games

Second mission of The Edge of Oblivion custom Mini-Campaign: Precious Cargo.

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