Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rebel Commander Bætti Represents Rebel Lust for Corrupt Republican Past

Rebel Commander Kiza Bætti on home world of Pantora

CORELLIA SYSTEM - Imperial Intelligence analysts have identified the leader of the Rebel fleet which carried out an unprovoked attack on a routine Imperial patrol in the Nubian sytem earlier this week. Commander Kiza Bætti, a Pantoran, represents the Rebellion's undelying cause.

According to reports made available to HNN by Imperial intelligence, the Rebel fleet discovered in orbit over Nubia recently was commanded by a Pantoran identified as Commander Kiza Bætti. Agents from the Imperial Security Bureau have been sent to Pantora to question Bætti family and friends on the Rebel's motivations.

Pantoran senator engaged in back-room dealmaking and nerf-barrel legislation

Pantora is a decadently democratic society of the Sujimis sector in the far Outer Rim. Most Imperial citizens have never heard of this world, for its lack of contributions to galactic civilization.

The Pantoran people, under the Old Republic, subsisted on undeserved handouts from Core-Worlds taxpayers. During the Clone War, the Republic was further called upon to safeguard Pantora from the threat of separatist blockade. Pantorans, in turn, did not provide troops or naval assets for collective security, as the Pantorans refused to enlist in the service of the Republic or later the Empire.

It is believed that Bætti has joined the Rebellion - the so-called 'Alliance to Restore the Republic' - in the hopes of returning galactic politics to one of heavy taxes on hard-working Core-World citizens to fund entitlements for shiftless alien societies.

Fortunately, the Imperial Army, Navy, and Stormtrooper Corps exist to protect the Imperial citizenry from the return of such a corrupt Republic, with mynock-like societies leeching off the good will of Core-World humanity.

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