Monday, January 23, 2017

Empire to Rescind Autonomy Ryloth

Tann Province on Ryloth; haven for Rebels and criminals

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - After disappointing developments on Ryloth, and elsehere in the Gaulus sector, the Emperor has decided to rescind the autonomy of the Ryloth system.

The decision to rescind autonomy comes after nearly a month of mismanagement and continued insurrection in the far southeastern arm of the galaxy, at the end of the Corellian Run hyperlane.

Advocates for autonomy argued that self-governance would pacify the denizens of the planet. The Twi'lek people have not, however, proven to be content with self-governance, regrettably proving to be an ingrate people, like so many alien inhabitants of the Outer Rim.

Ryloth and Dalchon systems along Corellian Run

In order to put a solid grip on the Ryloth system, the Imperial Navy Admiralty aims to secure both the Ryloth system proper, including its three orbits, as well as the Dalchon system. The Dalchon system lies coreward from Ryloth along the Corellian Run. With hyperspace interdiction at these locations, the Imperial Navy will be able to enact a blockade, forcing the Twi'leks to surrender their autonomy.

The Ryloth system consists of the following planets:

  • Mon Bala
  • Ryloth
  • Or Tuma

It is believed that the Rebellion will further incite the Twi'leks, and their terrorist ringleader Cham Syndulla, by opposing the efforts of the Imperial Navy. The Gaulus sector around Ryloth is infamous for its Rebel gangs and criminal cartels.

The admiralty has warned that any interference with the pacification of the Twi'leks by the Rebellion is likely to result in the orbital bombardment of the main planet.

"In order to save the planet, we may have to bombard the planet," a spokesman for the Imperial Navy told HNN.

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