Monday, January 16, 2017

Rebellion Attacks Selonia: Destroys Space Station, All On Board

Exploding space station over Selonia

CORELLIA SYSTEM - The Rebellion attacked populous and peaceful Selonia yesterday. Accepts unconditional surrender of space station, before destroying it with all hands on board.

Shocking the civilized beings of the galaxy, the Rebellion attacked the planet Selonia in the Corellian system yesterday, using a refitted Calamari cruise liner and two medical frigates as their agents of destruction. After the withdrawal of Imperial Navy forces, the space station in orbit of Selonia surrendered itself peacefully and unconditionally, but was unable to save itself from the Rebels' barbarity.

The Imperial Navy learned a hard lesson against not targeting non-combatant vessels, yesterday, as its officers were hesitant to fire on the seemingly civilian and humanitarian targets of a cruise liner and medical vessels. Their hesitation cost them dearly, as the Rebels on board these covertly combat-refitted ships had no such humanitarian reservations. Not only did they fire at the Imperial Navy unprovoked, their true cruelty was only evident after the withdrawal of the Imperial vessels and the surrender of the space station.

Rescued hologram footage, sent by Lt. Commander Avery Andal minutes before the station's destruction, show Andal surrendering the station to the leader of the Rebel force. The Rebel leader was identified as Canth Walden, a disgraced former intelligence specialist. On the footage, Walden is heard promising to spare the lives of the Imperial personnel on board the station. The station was, however, destroyed mere moments after Walden returned to his command ship, not leaving any time or warning for the station's crew and civilian service personnel to disembark.

On Corellia, Moff Mikael Hasselstein expressed his shock to the HNN correspondent.

"I can't believe they would do this!" he said. "This atrocity is beyond any reasonable act of armed conflict."

"The rumors that Admiral Theia is commanding the Rebel campaign must be true."

"Only she would be so dastardly as to bring her Outer-Rim style of bloodlust to this civilized part of the galaxy. She has clearly surrounded herself with similar war criminals, such as this Walden. These ruthless monsters make the likes of Saw Gerrera and Cham Syndulla look downright moderate by comparison."

Hasselstein vowed not to allow the Rebellion to continue their scourge of terror in the Corellian sector, promising to redouble the Naval Group's efforts to bring the Rebellion to a halt.

This reports the battle between Xander and Greg's fleets at Selonia.

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