Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cornered, Rebel Fugitives Take and Murder Hostages

An elite stormtrooper stands dejected, having failed to save the life of a hostage, a mere child whose sole comfort in her last moments was a stormtrooper doll

ITHOR, OTTEGA SYSTEM - Fugitive Rebels were tracked to Ithor by law-enforcement investigators dispatched by Imperial Intelligence. Cornered, the Rebels took hostages, whom they slaughtered, rather than surrender to the legitimate Imperial authorities.

A ruthless band of Rebel fugitives, last detected in the Ryloth system, were traced to a hideout on Ithor, in the Ottega system, yesterday. When confronted by Imperial Intelligence officers, including a special security assistant to the Emperor, the Rebel fugitives took local hostages. Before the Imperial officers could mount a rescue operation, the Rebels executed the hostages without remorse. While caring for the slain civilians, the special stormtrooper squad was unable to capture the Rebel terrorists.

The Rebels, led by a Twi'lek Jedi cultist identified as one Diala Passil, are believed to have been on Ithor to abduct an Ithorian child for indoctrination into their leader's fanatical cult.

Twi'lek cultist, Diala Passil, murdering Ithorian hostage.

Normally a docile and obedient species, Ithorians are considered peaceful gardeners by much of the galaxy's civilized beings. Clearly, the Rebellion considers them little more than nerf herds to be slaughtered to mask their escape.

Twi'leks, by contrast, have in recent years, proven to be ruthless murderers. Notorious terrorists, like Cham and Hera Syndulla, have been a scourge on the peace-loving Imperial galaxy, and now other members of their species prove to be similarly reprehensible.

Coupling Twi'lek native ferocity, with the Jedi cult's fanaticism, has proven to be a combination shocking to civilized sensibility. However, Passil was far from alone in her depredations. Others in her band of criminal insurgents also involve another cultist - an Ithorian named Murne Rin, incomprehensibly betraying her own kind for her misbegotten religion.

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2017-1-17
Location: Time Vault Games

Third mission of The Edge of Oblivion custom Mini-Campaign: Cornered.

The Empire was only narrowly defeated as the Inquisitor failed to slice through the last of the remaining fugitives.

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