Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Analysis: Galactic Shock at Rebel Bombing of Mullan Turns to Anger and Resolve - Benn Gleck

HNN Contributor Benn Gleck

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains how we should feel and express our horror with the Rebel attack that took place recently.

Dear loyal friends,

Yesterday was a day that will live in atrocity. The Rebellion attacked fine Imperial citizens on the world of Mullan, and bounty hunters held a space station hostage.

No one shed more tears than I did. I just love my Empire so much, and the thought that someone would want to hurt us with carpet bombing just tears at my heart.

When the Imperial Navy engages in bombing, they do it for a justifiable purpose and the civilians who are the victims of bombing have it coming in the way our civilians do not. They are either collateral damage or in some measure support those that need to be bombed. Supporting those who need to be bombed is the same as being those who need to be bombed.

But when the Rebels struck Mullan, they did the unthinkable. In striking the Keldrath sector capital, they attacked those people who bring administration to these parts of the Outer Rim that are in great need of being civilized. They attacked people who have lived to help others: help them pay their taxes to the Empire; help them have their children impressed into the Imperial Army and Navy; help them inform the ISB about the suspicious activities of their neighbors; and help them know how best to serve the Emperor.

But, like you, I have shed my tears and beaten my chest. I am now resolved to support the Imperial Navy 1000% in what they need to do to bring this Rebel scourge to an end. To show my support for our pilots and stormtroopers, I will put this sticker on my landspeeder:

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