Thursday, November 26, 2015

Imperial Military Gives Thanks to Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine providing members of the Imperial military branches with sustenance to strengthen them in the war effort against the Rebellion.

CORUSCANT (IMPERIAL CENTER) - In this time of war and rebellion, the officers, crewers, and troopers of the Imperial Navy, Army, and Stormtrooper Corps still find time to give thanks for the bounty of enlightened leadership provided by Emperor Palpatine.

Providing even more reason for the Empire's military men to be thankful, the Emperor, with the assistance of disabled Clone War veteran Lord Darth Vader, served the troops a wholesome Thanksgiving dinner including the Dark meat of overweight avians.

The feast is even greater evidence of the magnanimity and graciousness of the tireless ruler of the galaxy. With the great burden of Imperial administration resting on His shoulders, the Emperor still makes time to look to the needs of His troopers and provide for their well-being.

The Emperor further took time to rescind the grace of an Imperial Governor who had pardoned a Thanksgiving avian, and sent said avain's carcass to the front lines in the Keldrath sector, where the troops hold the line against the beleaguered Rebellion in the Calamari sector.

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