Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rebel Attack in Mos Eisley Shocks Galaxy

Wookiee terrorist engaged in violent assault on Imperial troop quarters

MOS EISLEY (TATOOINE SYSTEM) - The Rebellion attempted to bring violence and lawlessness back to the Arkanis sector yesterday, as it wantonly attacked an Imperial troop barracks in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, killing scores of stormtroopers and local denizens as well as the local troop commander.

After months of peace and stability in the Arkanis sector, violence returned to that segment of the Outer Rim, as a cell or rebel extremists attacked an Imperial troop barracks. Numbering several alien beings, including a Wookiee and a Bothan, the rebel cell attacked the barracks with the intent to assassinate the local troop commander.

The troop commander, one Captain Kayn Somos, was a symbol of Imperial benevolence and generosity. Having served as a peacekeeper and drill instructor, Captain Somos was greatly admired by his troops as well as local citizens. Cpt. Somos's reputation as a bridge-builder between the Imperial troop presence and the local citizenry, is deemed to have been the cause of his being targeted.

During the height of the attack, local Tuskens - also called sand people - volunteered to defend Cpt. Somos and his outpost, but these selfless volunteers were brutally cut down by the rebels.

The incident happened after Imperial stormtroopers attempted to arrest a notorious narcotics smuggler, Han Solo, a known associate of Jabba the Hutt and the senator-turned-traitor, Leia Organa. The rebel cell in question was sighted assisting Solo's escape.

Local authorities are on alert and searching for evidence that will lead to the capture of the rebel cell. The cell, believed to consist of a Wookiee male, Bothan male, and human female (the latter doubtlessly acting under alien duress), is considered armed, dangerous and lacking in conscience.

Game: Imperial Assault
Date: 2015-11-13
Location: (Noa's place)

We played the first two missions of the Twin Shadows mini campaign. Regrettably, I (playing the Empire), was not able to thwart Jason (Gaarkhan) and Noa (Jyn Odan and Mak Eshka'rey) playing the filthy Rebels. I did manage to kill Jyn Odan, but - alas - she wouldn't stay dead.

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  1. My name is Ceresi Faran and I ask that you please take a few minutes of your time to hear what I have to say, for you will only find truth in my words, a truth the Empire doesn't want you to hear.

    And might I say, this is absolutely ridiculous. You mean to say that Kayn Somos was a generous man who was known for his kind actions which enlightened the citizens? Any of us who have seen his tactics and demenour or even heard of them, know this is not the case. He is a ruthless killer who is inhuman and merciless even to his own men. And when you speak of the "Rebel Extremists", it almost seems as if you are describing the wrong people. You incorrectly accuse these Rebels of "lacking in conscience" and "brutally cut[ting] down" those who stand in their way, soldier or not.

    Who does that sound like?

    I don't know, maybe THE EMPIRE. The empire which is known for going to great lengths to beat innocent populations into submission by tactics even as low as starving them out.

    People of the galaxy who are subjected to readings such as this remember, while they are written very well, are completely and inherently false. Do not blame the man who writes this, he is merely under the severe mind control tactics the Empire using on great writers like he to force them to work under them, but do not believe these false accusations, for they are just that, false.

    Always stand and fight, do not let the Empire beat you into surrender like they have done to many others.

    Ceresi Faran