Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Imperial Navy Continues to Prove its Mettle Against Crime and Rebellion

Criminal outposts use Y-Wing fighter-bombers and Z-95 Headhunters to prey on civilian shipping and extort resources for the Rebellion.

MULLAN SYSTEM - The courageous pilots of the Imperial Navy continue to thwart the forces of crime and rebellion in the Outer Rim.

Concurrent with training operations in the neighboring Gbu system, formations of Imperial Navy starfighter pilots engage in a continued campaign to bring loyalty and lawfulness to the Outer Rim.

Yesterday, a flight of TIE fighters flying escort for a new TIE/x1 Advanced starfighter encountered a criminal pirate operation in the Mullan system, which it quickly dispatched. All the criminal vessels - a Y-Wing, a heavily-modified HWK-290, and two Z-95 Headhunters - are known starfighter types flown by the Rebellion.

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) identifies criminal-rebel activity as being a paradigm shift for the Rebellion, while their uprising in the Calamari sector increasingly looks hopeless.

"The Rebellion knows that its cause is lost in the Calamari sector," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "Therefore, they are reverting back to their natural selves - smugglers and pirates."

Meanwhile, the Empire is shifting its elite fighter pilots with advanced space superiority craft behind the front lines in order to counter this despicable attempt by the Rebel crime syndicate to sow lawlessness. In training actions, these elite pilots demonstrated their swift capacity to outmaneuver both swift interceptors as well as knock out armored bombers.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2015-11-2
Location: Guardian Games (X-Wing Monday).

Battle 1
System: Gbu
WINNER: Empire (Special Forces)

Rexler Brath + Predator + Stealth Device
Colonel Vessery + Veteran Instincts + Stealth Device
"Dark Curse" + Targeting Computer

EMPIRE: Mikael
"Deathrain" + Extra Munitions + Concussion Missiles + Seismic Charges + Fire-Control System
Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Extra Munitions + Flechette Torpedoes + Cluster Missiles
2x Alpha Squadron Pilot + Autothrusters

Battle 2
System: Mullan
WINNER: Empire

Kavil + Push the Limit + Autoblaster Turret + Engine Upgrade + Unhinged Astromech
Palob Godalhi + Outmaneuver + Blaster Turret + Recon Specialist + Moldy Crow
2x Binayre Pirate + Munitions Failsafe + "Hot Shot" Blaster

EMPIRE: Mikael
Darth Vader + Outmaneuver + Engine Upgrade + TIE/X1 + Advanced Targeting Computer
"Echo" + Veteran Instincts + Fire Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device + Intelligence Agent
2x Academy Pilot

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