Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lord Vader Tests Imperial Resolve; Resolve Found Adequate

Starfighter field of TIE Phantoms at an undisclosed location in the Pakuuni sector

PAKUUNI SYSTEM - Lord Darth Vader tested the resolve and skill of a unit of recently-developed TIE Phantom starfighter craft yesterday. According to insider reports, the Dark Lord has found the unit's preparedness 'adequate'.

According to reports from recently-throttled sources, the battle-preparedness of TIE Phantom pilots was found lacking in the face of the criminal threat in the Pakuuni sector and the Tion Cluster. The late witnesses reported to an element of these highly-sophisticated craft having been destroyed by nothing more than Y-Wing, HWK, and Z-95 fighters.

Finding such reports 'disturbing', Lord Vader, a personal assistant to the Emperor, tested the mettle of a different TIE Phantom element based at an undisclosed location in the Pakuuni sector. To Lord Vader's contentment, the element in question was found to be adequately prepared in the face of an upcoming effort to root crime and insurrection out of the Pakuuni sector and the Tion Cluster.

The Imperial Navy's effort to eliminate crime and insurrection in the Tion Cluster and Pakuuni sector coincides with a renewed effort to liberate the Calamari sector from the mismanagement of its natives. The Mon Calamari and the Quarren, two barely civilized aquatic races from the Dac system, recently declared treason against the Empire and joined the Rebellion. In response, the Emperor ordered the sector's uprising to be suppressed.

With the Imperial Navy's successes against the Rebellion and the Mon Calamari, the Empire has taken on the burden of providing law and order in the wake of its advancing fleets. The rejuvenation of Roodkasteel station in the Brigia system as a signature project has already begun to bear fruit as local denizens celebrate the arrival of Imperial law and order on the Outer Rim.

Game: X-Wing
Date: 2015-11-16
Location: Guardian Games (Monday free play).

System: Eredenn
WINNER: Empire (Jax & Phantoms)

EMPIRE: Brendan
Carnor Jax + Push the Limit + Autothrusters + Royal Guard TIE + Stealth Device
2x Shadow Squadron Pilot + Sensor Jammer + Stygium Particle Accelerator
(Voidstate nr. 354935)

EMPIRE: Mikael
Darth Vader + Outmaneuver + Outmaneuver + Proton Rockets + Engine Upgrade + TIE/x1 + Adv. Targeting Computer
Juno Eclipse + Outmaneuver + Outmaneuver + Proton Rockets + TIE/x1 + Adv. Targeting Computer
2x Academy Pilot
(Voidstate nr. 349149)

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