Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rebellion Destabilizes Wild Space Societies

News reporter in uncharted system describing the influence of Rebel Alliance activity on local radicalism

ESPANA SYSTEM (WILD SPACE) - Rebel activity in uncharted systems has increased levels of violence and chaos even in regions not part of intergalactic society.

Intercepted transmissions from the uncharted regions of the Outer Rim, also known as 'Wild Space', show that Rebel activity is even having a destabilizing effect on societies not part of galactic civilization.

As if further evidence was necessary, this development is further proof that the Rebellion and its call for the return of a republican form of government, can unleash untold havoc and violence in systems not prepared for such ideas.

The irresponsible spread of Rebel ideology is a clear danger to galactic civilization (though it will soon be dealt with), but the scars on the societies beyond the Empire's jurisdictional claim may be devastating to those societies.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist

Mr. Prop Agandist, spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) spoke to HNN reporters about this development:

"It clearly shows the irresponsibility and hypocrisy of the Rebel Alliance," Mr. Agandist said. "These wild space societies are simply not ready for that stage of political development.

"The Republic, which bedeviled galactic society for millennia, is thankfully a stage that we have passed. We now have a centralized form of government directed by a truly gifted individual - Emperor Palpatine - with a efficient and effective bureaucracy to support his enlightened leadership. That would not have been possible without the Old Republic to recognize its own deficiencies and, through the Binks Amendment, transform its own structure towards the superior form we have now.

"But the savage societies beyond the Outer Rim are not yet at that stage. For the Rebellion to preach republicanism is to unleash all sorts of local radicalisms and fanaticisms that are beyond the control of small local governments that do not have enlightened leaders and administrations such as the Empire has."

With the uncharted systems being destabilized by the Rebellion, Imperial Center on Coruscant must consider the formation of a trusteeship by the Empire over the affected societies.

"The only charitable solution now will be for the Empire to step in and govern those societies on their behalf," Mr. Agandist said. "We can only hope that they have the resources to recoup the losses to Imperial taxpayers."

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