Friday, June 19, 2015

Lord Vader Popular Among Imperial Youth

Skinprints of Lord Vader on loyal Imperial youths; all the rage.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Demonstrating the continuing popularity of the Empire, and the Imperial form of governance, the visage of Lord Darth Vader appears proudly on the skins of many loyal Imperial youth. The fashion statement is seen as a rejection of the Rebellion, and its separatist value system.

Lord Vader's image is seen as the Empire's most powerful symbol for its stalwart defense against the separatism, anarchy and nihilism promised by the Rebel Alliance. As the Emperor's right-hand man in the fight against the Rebellion, Lord Vader embodies the true spirit of the Empire (aside from the Emperor himself, of course).

Vader, a disabled Clone War veteran, continues to serve as the supreme commander of the Emperor's forces, despite the injuries suffered during wartime. In that capacity, he has become a powerful symbol for tireless and stouthearted defense of galactic security and civilization.

The movement is doubtlessly a popular rejection of the Rebellion's recent attempt at character assassination on its propaganda arm, A"F"N. As the Empire's most prominent disabled war veteran, the Empire's loyal youth feel so personally outraged by A"F"N's defamatory statements, that they have emblazoned Lord Vader's visage on their own skin in a sign of solidarity with the Dark Lord.

Loyal youth attempts to lure romantic suitors on HoloComm social media by proudly portraying her devotion to Lord Vader

While the youth are frequently stereotyped as naturally rebellious, it is clear that the Empire has much to offer today's youth, explaining their support of Darth Vader.

"I'm so glad that Vader is out there to protect us from chaos and alien separatism," one youth told HNN, "that I just had to pay him tribute"

"He's such a father-figure to me," another young loyalist said, "I would like nothing more than to meet him one day and have him say something to me like 'I'm your father'."

"That would, like, make my galaxy spin!" the youth added.

While I grabbed these from just a quick Google search, I'm seeing more and more Star Wars tattoos among people I meet. The other day I even saw a young black lady librarian sporting a brand new Darth Vader tattoo.

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