Friday, June 5, 2015

Emperor Considers Shift in Pacification Policy Outer Rim

Admiralty strategists consider planetary approach doctrines in case of a chance in pacification policy

IMPERIAL CENTER - The Imperial Admiralty is preparing for a possible shift in policy aimed at pacifying sectors in the Outer Rim. Naval strategists are formulating strategic doctrines aimed at imposing security and administration in favor of failed local autonomy policies.

With certain alien worlds and system incapable of maintaining domestic security and stability, the Empire is forced to devise administrative alternatives. Threats from these failed political systems have spilled over into the spacelanes and neighboring sectors, despite Imperial policies aimed at policing these areas.

After months of police action in the Arkanis sector and an active embargo on contraband goods in neighboring sectors, the Imperial leadership on Coruscant is considering policy options on pacification. While some argue for letting the aliens take care of their own problems, a more humane faction believes that leaving the aliens to self-governance will endanger the aliens as well as Core-world civilization, not to mention humans residing in the Outer Rim.

This more active and humane policy would require the Admiralty to retrain naval officers towards system conquest and control strategies. These contrast to the policing, counter-insurgency, and interdiction tactics that they have been practicing since the end of the Clone War.

"It's sad that we have to consider this," one admiral - speaking anonymously - told HNN. "We wished for the best of the Outer Rim aliens, but they simply need the firm hand of governance. Their ability to control their corrupt and criminal instincts is simply insufficient for a civilized galaxy. We have to step in, and force is the only language that they will understand."

The idea here is to create rules for a campaign in which fleet engage over the control of systems. In such engagements, one fleet will generally be defending their control over a system, while the other will challenge that control. Discussion on the creation of such a rule mechanic is being had in a thread on the FFG Armada forum. Please contribute your thoughts:

Strategic Decisions for Campaign Play

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