Monday, June 15, 2015

Rebellion Infects HoloNet, Rejoicing in Mayhem and Vulgarity

Logo of the HoloNet slicer band profiling itself as "Alliance Free News", spreading misinformation and jaded supposition

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Rebellion infested the HoloNet yesterday, impersonating galactic newsnet calling itself 'Alliance Free News'. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) is working diligently to locate the offending slicers and help them get the treatment they deserve.

While the Empire has attempted to keep such uncouth material off the HoloNet, it is the unfortunate nature of that network that it is vulnerable to slicers with criminal and insurrectionist intent. In the interest of not infecting the young and the impressionable with ideas that might lead them towards lives of insurrection and terrorism, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) regulates the HoloNet for content.

COMPNOR spokesman Agandist.

"We regulate the HoloNet in order to allow for the free exchange of loyal ideas," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "Newsnets - like your own HNN - allow for multiple points of view that enhance galactic exchange of information and opinions, while still filtering out misinformation and vulgarity that do not serve progressive galactic social goals."

Mr. Agandist referred to examples found on the 'Alliance Free News', such as the rebel rejoicing in the killing of nearly 8,000 passengers and crew in the destruction of the Victory-class star destroyer Indefatigable in a rebel ambush in the Woostri system. Also the use of vulgar terms like "s**h spawn" on an open channel frequently watched and read by children.

"Think of the children, and the families of those killed aboard the Indefatigable,' Mr. Agandist said. "Not only did these people have to learn of the murder of their loved ones aboard the star destroyer, they had to learn about it alongside the vulgar jeering of these terrorist rebels. The barbarity of the Rebel Alliance clearly outstrips that of the Separatists that preceded them. At least those droids were just operating according to a program. These rebels get emotional gratification out of the mayhem and murder they spread."

"It's just unconscionable," Mr. Agandist added.

While adults are cautioned for consuming this content, and the ISB will track your links to this source of vulgarity and insurrection, HNN makes the link to this vile newsnet available to responsible and loyal citizens here: Alliance Free News.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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