Thursday, June 11, 2015

Farstine Station Liberated; Theia Attacks Other Rebel Faction

GSD Veermok on attack vector towards rebel escort frigate occupying Farstine Station

FARSTINE SYSTEM - After a pitched battle, the rebel forces temporarily occupying Farstine Station have been forced to retreat back to the Ryndellia system. Admiral Theia was attacked by other rebels prior to liberation of Farstine Station

Acting quickly in response to the infamous Admiral Theia's assault on the Farstine Station system yesterday, the Imperial navy has liberated the system from Theia's genocidal tendencies.

Reports from eyewitnesses aboard the station speak of a group of Admiral Theia's forces leaving the Farstine Station system to attack another rebel faction prior to the liberators' arrival. According to strategic analysts debriefing loyal civilians aboard the station, Admiral Theia engaged in an assault on a rival faction using a hyperspace pincer movement, but that her forces were beaten back by the other rebels.

Internecine warring between rebel factions provides further proof that the nihilist Rebellion cannot be trusted with creating a zone of security in the Outer Rim or elsewhere.

The liberation of Farstine Station is also further proof of the offensive power of the Gladiator-class star destroyer, which has seen extensive use in the trailing sectors of the Outer Rim. In just a few weeks, the Gladiator-class has replaced the Victory-class as the backbone of the Imperial Navy, delivering more just retribution against the Rebellion.

Tacticians for the Imperial Navy are working to develop new tactical doctrines that will make the Victory-class once again viable against aggressive maneuvers, such as those deployed by Admiral Theia.

Senior Captain Mikael Hasselstein, commanding officer aboard the Gladiator-class star destroyer Veermok - the lead star destroyer responsible for the liberation of Farstine Station - spoke to HNN:

"The irony here is that we learned from Admiral Theia's own maneuvers how to best her in this combat. With the Gladiator-class, we can now execute maneuvers with even greater aggressiveness than what Admiral Theia is infamous for. Our specialized engine technicians have made it possible for us to pounce on her ships and deliver even greater destruction to her than her frigates are able to return on us."

Senior Captain Mikael Hasselstein

"By attempting to ambush our recon line, she brought that destruction on herself."

"One does not simply ambush a Gladiator-class star destroyer," Captain Hasselstein explained.

Gladiator-class star destroyers with dedicated engine technicians are frequently too swift, and have firepower too devastating to have them be easy targets for such tactics.

Despite her being forced to hastily withdraw from Farstine Station, the Imperial Navy remains wary of Admiral Theia. For the time being, she remains in control of the Ryndellia system. However, with her fighting a war against both the Imperial Navy and other rebel factions, the Imperial Admiralty is hopeful that she will soon be much less of a scourge than she has been thus far.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: Guardian Games (League Night)
DATE: 2015-6-10

Battle 1
System: Farstine Station
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Fleet Ambush

EMPIRE: Michael
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Screed + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher
TIE Advanced
2x TIE Interceptor

REBELS: 'Admiral Theia'
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + General Dodonna + Yavaris
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + XX-9 Turbolasers + Salvation
Luke Skywalker
Wedge Antilles
2x X-Wing Squadron

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