Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Gladiator-class Star Destroyers to be Deployed to Outer Rim

  A flotilla of Gladiator-class star destroyers, consisting of the Veermok, Blixus, and the Horranth.

KUAT SYSTEM - With Gladiator-class star destroyers seeing increased use on the front lines, such as in the Savareen Blockade, the Imperial Navy has ordered more to be deployed to the Outer Rim.

While the Victory-class star destroyer remains a strong element in maintaining control of loyal worlds, the Gladiator-class has been used to seek out and destroy rebel formations operating in the outskirts of the galaxy. The Gladiator-class' greater maneuverability and offensive firepower, especially when combined with specialized engine techs, and assault concussion missiles, has proven to be particularly effective in those seek and destroy missions.

While initially designed by Rendili StarDrive, that shipyard has been deemed a security risk by the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), as increasing numbers of Rendili vesses, such as the Assault Frigate Mark II, have been identified in Rebel naval formations. The Imperial Navy had thus requisitioned the Gladiator-class' manufacture by Kuat Drive Yards. The second assemblage of Gladiators will be delivered today, ready for deployment to the Outer Rim.

A number of the Gladiators already deployed to the trailing sectors of the Outer Rim bear titles suited to their aggressive combat roles. The Veermok bears the name of a ferocious species of clawed and fanged primates found on worlds such as Eriadu and Naboo. The Blixus is named for a carnivorous cephalopods from an unknown world, while the Horranth carries the title for a horned reptilian carnivore native to the Deep Core planet Tython.

While these vessels have the mission to bring peace and stability to the lawless parts of the galaxy, it is clear that the aggressive approach embodied by the Gladiator-class is necessary to bring the intractable Rebellion to heel.

Yup, I just got word that my FLGS, Red Castle Games, has taken receipt of another one of these beauties and is ready for me to pick up. I'll have three of them!

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