Thursday, June 4, 2015

Imperial Navy Perfects Gladiator Doctrine

A Gladiator I-class star destroyer.

PREFSBELT IV - The Imperial Navy engaged in wargames at the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV today. The wargames allowed tactical theorists to demonstrate the power of current combat doctrine with the Gladiator-class star destroyer.

The Gladiator-class has been demonstrating its offensive value on the front lines against the rebellion. It has seen valiant service such as during recent skirmishes in the Vohai system, as well as in the Arbra system.

According to military analysts, the Gladiator-class has emerged as the Empire's premier front-line attack vessel. Its speed and offensive close-range firepower has proven devastating against smaller rebel vessels, such as Nebulon-B frigates and against Corellian corvettes. Keys to its success are considered to be advanced engine crews, which have bolstered its maneuvering as well as assault concussion missiles, which allow it to envelop an enemy with offensive firepower.

During the Prefsbelt wargames, a Gladiator-class overpowered a larger Victory-class star destroyer - the Goliath - using clever maneuvering and launching its ordnance to overpower the larger vessel.

During the after-action briefing aboard the defeated Goliath, the captain - Captain Blaas Kaak - dressed down his wing commander in full view of HNN and the Goliath's pilots. During a critical stage of the battle, the wing commander had ordered his TIE Interceptor squadron to attack an opposing squadron of TIE Advanced escort craft blockading the Goliath's bombers, while its own TIE Advanced squadron pinned down the opposing bombers.

Captain Kaak claimed that this was the only mistake made, and that the Goliath's simulated defeat was merely the result of misfortune and not commanding incompetence (other than that of the wing commander).

One squadron leader, speaking off the record, came to his immediate superior's defense: "We did our job in this wargame. The Goliath lost due to its own insufficient firepower. Our bombers struck true, and our fighters let only a single bombing run of theirs through."

Maintaining journalistic integrity, HNN has kept the confidentiality of the squadron leader, despite Captain Kaak's attempts to have the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) learn the squadron leader's identity.

GAME: Armada
Location: Home
DATE: 2015-6-4

Battle 1
System: Prefsbelt
WINNER: Empire (Damion)
OBJECTIVE: Advanced Gunnery

EMPIRE Michael
Victory I-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Enhanced Armament
Major Rhymer
2x TIE Bomber Squadron
1x TIE Interceptor Squadron
TIE Fighter Squadron

EMPIRE: Damion
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Screed + Defense Liaison + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher
Darth Vader
TIE Advanced Squadron
Major Rhymer
TIE Bomber Squadron


  1. I think that VSD's gunnery crews need to have a few dozen hours of training added to their schedule