Sunday, June 14, 2015

Imperial Navy Exacts Justice Upon Fugitive Corvette

Rebel corvette Slippery Steve in its death throes, under direct fire by the short-range turbolasers of the Demolisher

SVIVREN SYSTEM - The Imperial Navy has located and destroyed a rebel corvette with the impudent title 'Slippery Steve'. Rebels claim, erroneously, to have sacrificed that ship's sister ship, the 'Slippery Sue', but loyal citizens and Imperial Navy analysts know this to be false Rebel propaganda.

The corvette in question, operating alongside a Mark IIB Assault Frigate, was positively identified as the rebel units attempted to ambush an Imperial recon line. The Imperial line was active reconnoitering the Svivren system at the end of the Five Veils Route when it encountered the ambush.

The Assault Frigate was destroyed, but the crews aboard the two Gladiator-class star destroyers - Veermok and Demolisher - were particularly overjoyed to have destroyed this particularly offensive corvette.

"Assault frigates are a serious menace," Senior Captain Mikael Hasselstein of the Veermok told HNN, "but we are especially pleased to be rid of this obnoxious affront to the Empire."

The Slippery Steve was involved with two skirmishes in recent weeks. The first, occurred during a rebel ambush in the Bajic system. While the Empire was victorious, the Slippery Steve managed to elude destruction or capture. The same was true two weeks ago when the same corvette was encountered alongside other rebel vessels in the Vohai system.

Elsewhere, a couple of rebel ships were encountered by a Victory-class star destroyer in the Bajic system. The star destroyer managed to hold off the rebels, while destroying their fighter escort. The star destroyer's captain had recently been promoted from his previous status as a fighter wing commander operating in the Arkanis sector. The rebels in question were operating behind Imperial lines but have conclusively been driven off.

GAME: Armada
LOCATION: Red Castle Games (Casual Games)
DATE: 2015-6-14br>
Battle 1
System: Svivren
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Most Wanted

Victory II-class star destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin
TIE fighter squadron
3x TIE Interceptor

REBELS: Michael
Nebulon-B Frigate + General Dodonna
CR90A Corvette
Luke Skywalker
3x X-Wing Squadron

Battle 2
System: Bajic
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Fleet Ambush

EMPIRE: Michael
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Screed + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher
TIE Advanced
2x TIE Interceptor

Assault Frigate Mark IIB + Garm Bel Iblis + Flight Controllers + ?
CR90b Corvette + ?
"Dutch" Vander
4(?)x X-Wing Squadron

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