Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Imperial Navy Evacuates Farstine Station Ahead of Rebel Attack

VSD Despot evacuating Farstine Station prior to attack

FARSTINE SYSTEM - The rebel warlady Admiral Theia attacked an Imperial space station in the Farstine Station system today. Rather than risking the lives and wellbeing of those loyal citizens aboard the space station, the VSD Despot evacuated the station, protecting the citizens from Theia's infamous depredations

Theia's attack, with her usual brutality and aggressiveness, comes two weeks after a raid on the Farstine Station system, four weeks after her previous attempt to attack the station, and five weeks after she led a sneak attack on the peaceful station in the Ryndellia system.

Theia, an unusually brutal terrorist, is said to be responsible for the mass killings reported to have happened in the Ryndellia system after her takeover. Faced with the choice of evacuation and fighting an enemy with possible reinforcements underway, the Ryndelian Sector Group decided on the policy with the fewest casualties, as the most humane option.

With the Imperial Navy actively engaged further rimward, where their exploits have recently been reported, the rebels under Theia have posed the Navy with tremendous difficulty, coming in their rear flank from the Mid Rim.

In response to the challenge posed by this vicious and unprovoked action, the admiralty of Oversector Outer has determined that more resources will be deployed to the Outer Rim to combat this threat. It vowed that the likes of Admiral Theia will be crushed with more aggressive action.

GAME: Armada
DATE: 2015-6-9

Battle 1
System: Farstine Station
WINNER: Rebels
OBJECTIVE: Opening Salvo

EMPIRE: Michael
Victory II-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Motti + Enhanced Armament + Flight Controllers
Major Rhymer
2x TIE Bomber
TIE Advanced
TIE Fighter

REBELS: 'Admiral Theia'
Assault Frigate Mark II A + General Dodonna + Raymus Antilles + Gunnery Team + Expanded Hangar Bay + Paragon
4x A-Wing Squadron

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