Saturday, August 22, 2015

HNN Awarded Excellence in Journalism Award

Recognition awarded to the HoloNet News Network: The Most Loyal Name in News

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Coruscant Press Club awarded HNN with the 'Excellence in Journalism' award today, citing 'loyalty', 'determination', and its 'tireless devotion to galactic stability' as HNN's primary virtues.

The prestigious Coruscant Press Club, a body made up of officials directly appointed by the Emperor Himself, declared the HoloNet News Network as the winner of this year's Excellence in Journalism Award.

The Press Club supported its award with references to HNN's never-wavering loyalty to the Emperor. With the ignominious rise of the Rebellion and the criminal syndicates of the Outer Rim, such a virtue is considered to be second to none in these troubled times.

Other reasons included its 'determination' and 'tirelessness' in assuring that its readers were kept both informed and comforted that the Empire would always and ultimately protect galactic civilization from those - usually alien - elements that seek to undermine the progress and prosperity provided by the New Order.

HNN editor-in-chief Mikael Hasselstein was humbled by the Press Club's recognition:

"I won't say that the achievement necessary for winning this award was easy. It'd be easier if we could just make stuff up, but with HNN's dedication to the consistent search for portraying the Truth, it remains a tough - but ultimately rewarding - job."

"I'm also very humbled and honored that HNN is able to report on this important story - one that other news outlets are going to pass over. Sour grapes is an ugly thing, but it's just part of this business. It's nothing compared to the hardships suffered by the the troops, crewers, pilots, and officers out there on the Outer Rim risking their lives every day for Emperor and Empire."

"They - and the Emperor, of course - are my real inspiration for doing what I do."


  1. Congratulations HNN! You definitely deserved this one the most (I still can't believe the GRD (The Grand Resistance Diaries)) won the title several years ago). Keep it up with these great articles, it definitely relieves my team and I from the stress of 24/7 soldiering to bring the galaxy to peace from the Rebel Scum and it keeps up the morale after a difficult loss. Once more, a great job (especially to you Mr. Hasselstein).

    Long live the Empire!

    (And by the way, if any of your sources spots this Ceresi fellow or know of her whereabouts, please inform me or a member of my team. Whatever increases the speed of her capture is an aid to the sectors she has been... disturbing to say the least.)

    1. Thank you for your kind and loyal (to the Emperor) words. At HNN we try and do what we can for galactic peace, stability and prosperity; Emperor and Empire; Mom and Oonberry pie.

      We'll keep a lookout for the traitor.