Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Klatooinian Hunter Kills Magnificent Rancor; Imperial Citizens Outraged

Unidentified Klatooinian hunter posing in front of murdered rancor, Bob.

DATHOMIR - Imperial citizens have been outraged to learn of the brutal murder of the famous rancor 'Bob' by an unnamed Klatooinian hunter on the rancor's native world of Dathomir. The Wildlife Treasure Foundation (WTF) have demanded the Emperor enact legislation to preserve endangered predatory animals from alien hunters.

Last week, citizens of the Empire learned of the shooting of the famous rancor 'Bob', the star of several holovid documentaries sponsored by the University of Sanbra. The murderer, a hunter of the native species of Klatooine, was pictured in an image standing over the slain rancor.

According to HNN senior xenobiology analyst Mak N. Itup, Klatooinans are traditional henchmen of the Hutts, and have an advanced disregard of life, even for an alien.

"This Klatooinian hunter may be acting on behalf of a Hutt master in order to secure a trophy. Aliens, like Klatooinians and Hutts have no regard for live - human or other alien - and frequently engage in the murder of magnificent beats for sport," Itup told HNN.

In the wake of Bob's murder, the WTF has lobbied the Imperial palace with a petition signed by a million honest citizens after the WTF's call to prevent aliens from hunting and owning blaster rifles went viral on the HoloNet. The Emperor has not decided on the matter, but Palace insiders believe the Emperor shares his subjects' outrage over the cruel killing of Bob the rancor.

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