Friday, August 14, 2015

Loyal Citizens Eagerly Await Emperor and Raider

Raider-class corvette in hyperspace along the Corellian Run

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In order to accomplish complete pacification of the crime-ridden Arkanis sector, the Emperor Himself is expected to visit this far-flung sector of the Outer Rim. Meanwhile, the Raider-class corvette remains to be delivered to the most benighted commands within the sector.

The long-awaited delivery of the Raider-class corvette is reported to have happened in several sectors closer to the Galactic Core, while the Outer Rim - specifically, the Arkanis Sector, the most benighted sector of the Outer Rim - is left in want of this powerful new vessel. Loyal citizens, eagerly awaiting the return of law and the New Order to their corner of the galaxy, anticipate the arrival of a fleet of these vessels with 'bated breath.

This fleet will reportedly carry Emperor Palpatine as He arrives to receive a progress report from Moff Dzon Brennin on the pacification and de-criminalization of the sector. Moff Brennin is reportedly redoubling efforts to bring the sector to heel with concerted effort the day that the Emperor is scheduled to arrive.

Expectations are that if the Arkanis Sector is not brought under control by the time of the Emperor's arrival tomorrow, He will order Moff Brennin's removal as well as for the Imperial Navy to deploy capital ships to the sector in order to accomplish what smaller fighter-size craft have failed to accomplish.

Tomorrow (8/15), there will be a small casual tournament in celebration of the Raider's arrival at Guardian Games. (Facebook Group event posting here.) In the meantime, my own Raider, pre-ordered many, MANY months ago, has not yet arrived at Red Castle Games.

Hopefully, it will come in tomorrow, because I've been planning for an epic multiple-player game on Sunday, celebrating my 40th birthday.

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