Monday, August 3, 2015

Music to Bring Heart to Any Loyal Imperial Citizen

HNN Song Review:

A new hit song has hit the Imperial Holowaves in recent days, uplifting Imperial hearts in these times of insurrection and criminality in the Outer Rim.

The new hit song and holovideo, 'Let it Flow', strikes a rare chord with loyal Imperials. Used to fanfare of strength and determination of the Emperor's favorite hit single, the Imperial March, Let it Flow gives its listeners a sense of having been betrayed, but overcoming adversity with faith in the Emperor.

The story told in the song and through the holovid reminds citizen-listeners of the dark time before Emperor Palpatine saved the galaxy from chaos and anarchy of separatism as well as the insurrection of the attempted coup d'état by the now-defunct Jedi Order.

According the the official review by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), the work is dramatized and has a certain fantasy element. Understanding the purpose of the drama and fictionalized elements are for the purpose of exalting the Emperor, COMPNOR has rated the work 'non-treasonous' and 'suitable for youth'.

Spoilers and review after the jump

As any good work of fiction, it of course takes some liberties with the truth. It portrays the Emperor as possessing powers beyond hist his well-known strength of character and wisdom.

However, the main focus of the video is on the redemption of the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. According to records kept by COMPNOR, Skywalker was a member of the Jedi cult. The Jedi were a religious cult that manipulated the Republic Senate and usurped authority for waging the war against the separatists, with whom they were secretly in league. However, unlike the Jedi, Skywalker recognized then-Chancellor Palpatine for the truly noble and generous soul that he is. Skywalker broke ranks with the traitorous Jedi cult and foiled their attempt at a coup d'état against the Chancellor of the Republic.

Skywalker's heroism is shown in the act of cleansing the Jedi temple of the little terrorists-in-waiting, despite his natural revulsion for destroying beings that look like innocent children. That is followed up by his daring mission to Mustafar where he finally destroys the separatist leadership, before the traitor Obi Wan Kenobi can arrive to save the Separatist leadership.

Hope is restored when, after Skywalker's brutal immolation by Kenobi, the now-Emperor Palpatine can turn to a new champion, the noble disabled war veteran Darth Vader.

In all, this song is about sacrifice for the greater galactic good. The greatest hero of this story - Emperor Palpatine - is a profile in courage. He stands up for galactic stability in the face of the warmongering Jedi's attempt to gain power by fomenting conflict with their separatist allies. He does this at great personal cost and risk, as the Jedi send an assassin - the Jedi Master Mace Windu - who attempted to murder the Chancellor in his own executive office. Even when he is disabled for life after the assassination attempt, the holovid shows how Emperor Palpatine nevertheless takes on the burden of galactic governance from the incapable senate.

Then there is the obscure story of the one Jedi who could not stand by as his fellow cult members plotted and schemed behind the scenes to undermine the Republic. He has to give up his status and purge the younglings in the temple, and finally gives his life at Mustafar in the final destruction of the Separatist leadership.

Finally, there is the sacrifice of Lord Vader, who was left horribly disabled in the Clone War, but is nevertheless standing by the Emperor as his primary captain after Skywalker has been murdered by Kenobi.

In all, this song symbolizes everything that is good about the Emperor and the Empire: the tremendous courage and sacrifice that every loyal Imperial citizen should strive to emulate - even in their small ways, with their small lives.

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