Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Imperial Navy Outsourcing to Contractors

Ms. Kath Scarlet, privateer in service of the
Imperial Navy

ARKANIS SECTOR - In order to place more attention on returning order to the Galaxy, even on the lawless Outer Rim, the Imperial Navy has hired civilian contractors to locate rebel elements in the Arkanis Sector, one of the most notorious hives of scum and villainy in the galaxy.

Among the contractors is one pirate-turned-patriot, Kath Scarlet, who has sub-contracted out to a second private citizen, Krassis Trellix.

However, not all are in agreement with the new use of civilian assets. With citizens taking the law into their own hands, strategists with the naval academy on Prefsbelt IV express concern with the 'civilianization' of the use of legitimate violence. These military academics believe that the use of legitimate force is best kept under the monopolistic control of the proper authorities based in Imperial Center on Coruscant.

"We know there's concern," Admiral Hoogvliet - Sector Group Admiral of Arkanis Sector explained. "It's a new approach towards policing this portion of space."

"Think of it like a self-cleaning autochef," the admiral continued. "If citizens of ill-repute are employed rooting out separatist rebels, then however the fight turns out, civilization wins."

"Besides, out here on the Outer Rim, folks are accustomed to fending for themselves. We're just going to help the good citizens fight off the bad citizens."

In addition to contracts, the Navy has fitted a couple of Firespray-31-class attack craft with heavy laser cannons.

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