Thursday, February 26, 2015

ANALYSIS: Rebellion and Criminal Element - Cut From the Same Cloth

Y-wing-type fighter-bomber. Decommissioned military hardware of the same type used by rebellion engaged in criminal operations by Hutt cartels.

CORUSCANT - As reports return to Imperial Central on Coruscant, analysts seek to make sense of the new wave of scum and villainy plaguing the Outer Rim's spacelanes. In the midst of confusion, COMPNOR provides answers to loyal citizens seeking the truth.

"It's really as we've always known it to be," COMPNOR Agent and spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "The rebellion had never been anything more than a front for criminal elements. While some analysts suspected that the rebellion engaged in criminal enterprise in order to restore the Republic, those who had dedicated themselves to careful analysis always knew it was the other way around."

"Basically, the rebellion is a breakaway cartel fueled by not only greed and the desire to spread corruption in the galaxy, but also deranged by the old Jedi religion. Eventually, the real criminal element got tired of them and is now trying to right the balance."

"Before the coming of the Empire, the Jedi were a religious cult aimed at maintaining alien supremacy and corruption within the Senate. The Clone War, which resulted from their incompetence, was the result of a programming issue with their droids and internacine fights between the aliens, criminals, and the cult."

"Fortunately for the galaxy, the Jedi cult imploded. The rebellion is merely the shadow of that belief system that would put political power back into the hands of the cult's adherents as well as aliens. The criminal element also consists of aliens and droids programmed to kill civilians, but without the religious aspect."

"Criminal cartels have employed the rebellion to create pockets of anarchy throughout the galaxy, within which those cartels could ply their trade in spice, weapons, pornography, and human beings used as pleasure slaves for Hutts and worse."

"However, the rebellion got out of hand with their religious zeal and talk of restoring the corrupt republic. Now that the criminals have separated themselves from the rebellion in order to reassert control, we have full-scale violence on our hands."

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